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Friday, January 6, 2017

Sinful Delight & Not Likin' It

The quest to make sure your believers have a place in heaven has even made birthday celebrations a challenging one in BolehLand
Seems it's now a SINFUL to bring your delight i.e. birthday cake to celebration in the Clown's corner. The Clown's reminder on the type of cakes you can bring to celebrate in its premises is no joke. You need to bring kosher or halal cake for your birthday if you want to celebrate in the Golden Arches. They have been lenient and no issue until lately! 
Why are we making a clown of ourselves in this, and seeing so much yellow, red and white in this non issue? 
It's a business decision using God's name to survive. It's man's decision whoever their God is, or, if they believe in one, using their money to survive. Case closed. 
Sinful delights I got last year
for birthday
Everyone wants to have the cake and eat it. Many live hypocritical superficial lives but insist on a holier than thou pharisaical practices more, often regarding food. From marketing trollies to eateries, invitations for festivities to even what you eat in your office, there is this fear you will commit SIN and land in hell if it is not sanctioned by some holy men or institution.
When we turn the halal certification of a business to making the venue to be like a holy scantuary, then expect controversy. Didn't some holy fellows and leaders swear nobody's religious laws affect or disturb the pagans? Why are pagans getting upset? Surely if you are a pious person and wants to go to heaven, you don't want pagans to defy your holy place or cause you to go to hell too, right? 
I recall buying cakes for the staff last my birthday. And took pains to get a Malay supplier to do it. As expected, there were queries from those who feared contamination if 'halal' or not ah? Even assuring its supplied by a Malay, I had to emphasis Muslim to ally any fears. And, didn't order any beef to respect the Hindus but no porcine even if it was disrespectful to those who like it.
But then, you have the holy of holies one who remarked doesn't mean made by Muslim, it's kosher! To which I replied, up to you if you want to eat, no-one is forcing you. Why have we come to such a sanctimonious state? 
When I was schooling the 70s and working in mid 80s, bringing bacang or eating your home cooked food in school or office, one could eat in peace. So why last time can, now cannot? The  holy ones will argue ignorance then was bliss, but not now as they have seen the light of what God wants and expects of them - if you want to go to heaven - you must follow the rules imposed else go back to your ancestral abode or you are being an insensitive and not respectful pagan.
It was also a humorous request to me when moving into the neighbourhood eons ago of being reminded not to leave unkosher food around because you don't want to contaminate the halal cat owned by the neighbour. I did put up a warning sign to warn the cat that it was entering pagan territory and eating pagan food will result in losing its change to go to heaven. But then, if one is hungry, any food smells heavenly right?
So, these days, we prefer some ghetto like sanctuary to separate the saved holy souls from the pagans. And, we are reminded ever so often by the very people who cause such situations to happen, no one's religious laws will impinge on your right. The zealots will ask you to return to your ancestral place if you are not the majority or happy to comply with the rules they set.
So, to avoid such issues in your burger joint, just enforce your NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED and supply the cake! But, then another sensitivity is compounded because are there halal cake shops around?
Or put up a BIG Notice, it is a HELL guaranteed SIN if you eat non halal cakes in there. Everyone fears Hell except politicians and holier than thou people so they will follow God's law. Better to be absolutely safe, don't come for any birthday celebration where cakes are served. After all, even if a Muslim bakes it at home, there is no halal certification. And the clown insists on an official certificate kan? But it's not them who mandates's the certificate awarding body. 
Or, celebrate elsewhere, which is not a solution depending on who you invite, the kosher issue will still be sensitive. So it's still no win-win.
If you insist on celebrating the birthday there, but you can't have a cake*, put a candle on the burger (can't say hamburger given ham is a porky word origin, maybe sensitive kan?),  
The moment you try and justify contamination via bringing in a substance, i.e., any object that is deemed non halal  or suspicious as being one into a halal certificate 'holy' business, then all hell breaks loose literally. 
So now to eat in peace in McD, make sure you don't pretend you Make Dunno it is the junk food that kills you, not the birthday cake or halal piece of paper.
If Everything is a Kosher Issue to you, just say your prayers to halalfy your food according to what your God commands Before you eat. Doesn't matter you cross yourself or gaze to the heavens, outstretch your hands or look at your food or shoes. After your prayers, remember not to be a glutton swine when you eat free food, can? 
I am loving this silly controversy as I am not a lover of Manyak Calories Dishes or McD they serve hah 😊😀

next target one of the best
seafood buffet in town?
One hope that the fabulous menu spread buffets at five to six star hotels will not be the next target of fussy holy of holies. It's a damper if you can't appreciate the Japanese buffet or the seafood spread with a bottle or glass of vintage. But, it's only a matter of time, God notices pagans enjoying their food and does something to allow His followers to also enjoy such culinary delights, including the sinful delights of cakes and desserts/

*Oh, if you supply the candles, make sure also halal candle, if not issue pulak. 

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