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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OMG, It's So Real @Virgin Mary 'Sighting' SJMC

It's about 2.45 pm, Nov 13, 2012 and the sky was overcast with dark clouds threatening a downpour on the day when millions of Hindus celebrate the Festival of Lights or Diwali.

I looked up into the sky and my seahorse on the bed of clouds that was overhead near the sight of the stained glass on Nov 11 was not there. By now those who saw it in real life or via photos sent from friends or grabbed from cyberspace, as the apparition of the Mother of God or the Blessed Virgin Mary are drawing their own conclusions I can supposed.

So alongside with what I believe Catholics if one is to associate the recitation of the Hail Mary that was hear among a group of people there - is synonymous to being a Catholic, - together with Christians, non Christians, people of other faiths if the distinct Bahasa Malaysia loghat associates the speaker from a particular race-cum-religion, the skeptics, the curious and just about anyone who braved the slight drizzle that begin to occur, I trained my ever dependable camera and lenses at the window panels in question.

Among the about 100 or so maybe more as I couldn't see the front, blocked by a group in prayers with someone that sounded from the African continent leading the prayers, many had their cameras ready to capture this and spread the good news or otherwise to the rest of their friends in cyberspace. The telcos must really thank the BVM for a spike in earnings related to this phenomena perhaps.

The place being a hospital and emergency ward area was not as picnic or carnival like as you may think. One or two ice cream fellows trying to make a few bucks...hmmm in the cold damp weather or new too hot for some to cool their overheated minds trying to decipher truth from just a Mother natures phenomena or a plain hoax hah! Not surprising the controversy because when it comes to God, there is never an ending litany of controversies hah.

An online media has reported (see story below) new sightings of a holy kind that is and the likelihood the Virgin Mary is going to take a ride to another safer place so that the sick can be treated and able to rest in peace, from the din of the crowd, prayers and even candle lighting around the hospital vicinity.

Since my last Saturday's posting here and the pictures in FB, friends have also emailed in theirs or friend's experiences and the different shapes and shades of colour the 'image' has undergone when they were there. One even spent about an hour or so and wrote about observing the 'apparition' taking on different stance, colour and shape. A second one even appearing which the online media reported people seeing like Jesus being crucified.

Since such shifting tales seem abound in cyberspace, I promised friends I'd go over and take a few more shots to compare if the image, sign, stain, apparition or what you want to call it, has indeed transformed in form, colour and position.

And the usual traffic jam and crowd were there when I scootered in. If it rains I'd have to give it a miss as the camera was more important that capturing a 'spiritual event'. But hey, if one is a believer of God, shouldn't He and the Mother of God take precedent over love of material things, like my camera eh?

But God or BVM must be merciful and kind to me as the drizzle stopped, enough for me to get loaded up and shoot.

'Shucks' it wouldn't snap... Oh no Murphy's Law, the Devil or it must be BVM mocking me for being, as a friend label me 'doubting Thomas' for being ambivalent about the whole phenomena.

Card needs formatting, my Canon reported the error. Oh no, I brought the wrong SD, the one that was wonky! Ok, now it's time to call upon divine intervention and a silent plea to the Mother of God was what I could hope would not turn out to be a photographer's nightmare when the equipment fail at the wrong time at the right place hah!

So reloaded it, snapped the cover shut, turned the ON switch and waiting for the sensor cleaning to finish was like ages!!! I was looking out for the red blink as it denotes all OK. And red it did blink. Hah back to business.

So I focused and shot away. Around me I hear the recitation of the rosary. What caught my concentration was this teenager who said 'Mom, there it is look!'... and the next moment i heard from the mom,' Oh My God, It's so real!'

I turned around to just to capture the emotion on the women's face. It was more of awe and amazement than surprised. Probably a Catholic who is familair with the our Lady of Fatima's pose and the many holy pictures that depict the BVM with a halo, head with a shrouded scarf, face looking down, her clothing white covered with a blue cape of sorts. With such vivid imagery singed into one's Catholic mind especially and when you gaze at the glass panel and something that resembles those holy pictures, you like get an 'OMG, It's So Real', reaction, yes?

But then, no one should deny whatever expressions, feelings or emotions each one felt there and we should not deny them that, right?

Here are the latest shots taken from 2.45 to about 3.00 pm before the drizzle began to threaten a downpour that may damage my 'evidence' hah! Compare with the earlier shots, you be the  judge if the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Mother of God did really make an appearance in this land of BolehLand, where politics and religion seem to be like finger and nails than what the politicians and some news editors want us to believe otherwise.

Noticed any difference from the pictures shared earlier? Check the glass panels below the 'apparition' hmmm where are the lines? Did someone cleaned the glass panels?

Is the zoomed image more distinct now? Not sure what those spotted markings are on the enlarged image...water droplets? If they are they seemed to conveniently form some pattern at certain places in the glass panel huh? Ok no more own speculation lest I am accused of making readers attune to the obvious 'begging the question' argument hah!

The glass panels with the 'apparition'

This shot from Nov 11, 2012, note the 'crack' lines
Zoomed in on Nov 13, 2012 shot of the glass panel

Enlarged view

Checked the 50 shots I took and noticed some of the images did not have the specks in it. So likely raindrops in the earlier shot I posted. But why conveniently or coincidentally or surreptitiously the raindrops had patterned that way? Hmmm, God or BVM playing tricks with Mother Nature hah! See shot from another angle below.
Another view, no water droplets?, man?, lady?, penguin? or what else?, it's your call

This is where all the buzz is at.

Crowd in front of the spot.
Capturing the Moment and Experiencing the Moment?

Rain or shine, it's a crowd puller!

A friend remarked that thanks to the BVM, this blog had unusual traffic which was unexpected. Thank you to those who visited and thank you there was no deluge of comments safe only a doubter and a believer. But it is not the intention for the posting to elicit some theological debate between believers, heretics, atheist, non pluralist, communists, and what have you - each trying to prove and disprove one another.

One even remarked the property price in SJ would spike because of this good luck. But then, historically, the appearance of the BVM is to forewarn against disaster or impending danger. And mind you, this 'apparition' is on a supposed renovated wing so is it connected to some warning of danger in the refurbishment or renovation huh? Or perhaps the BVM is giving a religious hint for the SJMC to lower their price to help the sick who can't afford their we all know expensive private hospital fees they charge?

Let's leave it to  the individual's decision on who he or she chooses to want to believe or not believe or 'logical' and 'plausible' reasons for this 'sighting' ok? No point indulging in religious debate that will see us killing each other off just to prove we are right hah! When it comes to God? There is never a QED to it? Hey even with earthly matters there isn't a QED to it.

So what if there is a God or no God. Does it make us better humans towards each other even if we are believer or non believer?

And no piece of paper, the Constitution that is, should even dictate that you are a believer or not believer or you have the freedom to worship or there is freedom of religion. Whether it's man or God's law, freedom is only free in the sense it's mere semantics.

And folks, no point trying to expound your theory, conviction or make believe to steer me to take one viewpoint or other on the above. God is not science and science is not God. Enough said. In fact, man behave like Gods hah!

So what's next when the glass panels get moved to the Klang Church? A new pilgrimage site to boost tourism? Let's pray if you are a believer that our politicians don't meddle in this and create some sort of 1MalaysiaPilgrimSpot, with permission from the religious bodies, a certain pro UMNO NGO and of course our Tee fellow with cinaapek DNA in him but feel his blood flows with a new race upon changing his previous God to the present one hah!

Remember God is not for sale, only humans, especially our politician Gods will sell their soul to the Devil hah! Opps pardon to non believers and our holy of holier than thou politicians hah!

‘Virgin Mary’ to move from hospital to Klang church
By Debra Chong
The Catholic Church is withholding comment until the image has been tested and verified.

KUALA LUMPUR,  Nov 13 ― Catholics and the curious eager to gaze upon the image of the Virgin Mary said to have appeared on a glass window pane of a hospital in Subang Jaya will soon have to make their pilgrimage to Klang.

The Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) has agreed to give to the Catholic Church several glass window panes from its building that has been drawing some 2,000 devotees and curious visitors daily from as far afield as Singapore after word of the apparition’s appearance spread last week, said the local parist priest for Subang Jaya, Rev Father Simon LaBrooy.

“This glass panel will be moved to the Marian Church of Our Lady Lourdes Klang which will be more conducive for prayer and reflection.

Letter from Church of St Thomas More priest Rev Father Simon LaBrooy to Subang Jaya parishioners regarding the 'Virgin Mary' hospital apparition
“The Catholic Church in agreement with SDMC that the present situation cannot continue as we are concerned of the direct effect this may have on the emergency services of SDMC,” he told parishioners in a notice issued late last night.

The priest said he had discussed the issue with the Catholic Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Tan Sri Rev Murphy Pakiam, and with the hospital authorities and will be in charge of supervising the transfer of the glass panels to the Klang church, where he would be handing it over to the parish priest Rev Father Michael Chua.

He assured Catholics that utmost care would be taken in handling the glass panes and that the hospital will be engaging professionals to carry out the removal and transfer.

Hordes of devout Catholics have been flocking to the hospital grounds for a glimpse of the mysterious apparition to pray, sing hymns and light candles — clogging up further the already congested roads in the heavily-populated township on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

The image of the figure revered by Catholics who believe Mary to be the mother of Jesus Christ was reported to have been first spotted last week and has been captured on camera and reproduced on social media including Facebook where it went viral.

This is believed to be the first reported sighting of Mary in Malaysia. The phenomenon has been reported elsewhere around the world.

Some witnesses have also said they could make out a second image forming on another glass pane below the vertical row housing the apparition of Mary.

According to them, the second image resembled Jesus Christ on the cruxifix.

LaBrooy told The Malaysian Insider he received an anonymous text message alerting him to the image last Saturday and that he had also sighted the apparition on the window.

But he declined to comment on the authenticity of the images.

“The Catholic Church would withhold comment until the image has been tested and verified by theologians and church authorities, a process that will take time.

“In instances off authentic appearances of our Blessed Virgin Mary she has always asked us to pray for peace and to seek out her son Jesus Christ,” he said.

1 comment:

KH Mak said...

Some responses to your comments if I may:

"...each trying to prove and disprove one another."

Most atheists do not waste our time trying to disprove god, because we know very well that most theists' concept of god are *beyond* proof. We could have a unified theory of everything tomorrow and the gullible will still choose to believe because that is the way that the human pattern-seeking subroutine has been written.

"Let's leave it to the individual's decision on who he or she chooses to want to believe or not believe or 'logical' and 'plausible' reasons for this 'sighting' ok?"

Let's *not*! The problem here is that due to our (somewhat unfortunate) democracy, the religious also have the power of votes and therefore have a say in educational, health and scientific matters. The same lack of healthy skepticism that results in people seeing images of their idols in everything from hospital windows to grilled cheese sandwiches also makes them susceptible to health fads (detox diets), pseudoscience (quantum pendants), pyramid schemes, etc. Do I want such people making decisions in the country I live in? Hell no!

I leave you with the following images. I'm sure you can join the dots and form your own conclusion ;-)